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Establishing a Chapter

Since the AMEDF operates primarily as a public trust, almost all of the day-to-day activities such as teaching the classes and running the Scholars Program™ are hired out to independent contractors. AMEDF brings activities to a geographic location by establishing a local chapter managed by the chapter’s local Fund-raising committee and Coordinator. The chapters are responsible for raising the capital needed to fund programs being conducted in their area, as well as contribute toward the operations of AMEDF on a national basis. The operation of the chapters combines both public benefits with public support in the geographic area where the Foundation conducts its programs.

Become an AMEDF Certified Instructor

The AMEDF, through its Professional Advisor Committee, has developed a training and certification program for financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals that often give advice to parents regarding higher education planning. By educating professionals, this program hopes to minimize the dissemination of erroneous and often harmful information that may contribute to college failure.

This program also trains instructors to teach the AMEDF’s own community education programs, as well as prepare advisers to serve as commercial resources for parents seeking assistance in the complex area of college planning. Participants are required to pass annual testing and continuing education needs, and must adhere to strict professional ethical guidelines in their practices. Qualified advisers are listed on the AMEDF’s website so parents seeking help can easily access information on advisers in their area.

Education Curriculum for the College Advisory Professional and the Certified College Advisor Designation: