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The Northern New Jersey Chapter of the AMEDF Welcomes You!

Please look at the list of workshops and programs available to help you and your student better prepare for the college challenge. Along with these workshops, our trained advisers are conveniently located throughout Northern New Jersey in order to best service you. Please see a list of their names at the bottom of this page. Feel free to contact our chapter by email or by phone with any questions or comments you may have. We look forward to making your transition to college as smooth as possible.


Getting Started:  Families begin their college planning journey with the “Complete Guide to College Funding ” workshop, a two-session program for parents of high school students that provides a comprehensive overview of how to better prepare for college. This introductory component of the AMEDF Scholars Methodology™ provides a detailed overview of the particulars of preparing for college success and highlights major pitfalls to avoid that could greatly increase the odds of college failure. Topics covered in this component include college admissions, admissions tests (PSAT, SAT, ACT and others); career profiling, college majors; need and non-need based aid including grants, scholarships and self-help; tax benefits for higher education, unique college financing programs from federal and state sources; year-by-year planning steps and other important topics. The second component of this workshop is a one-on-one advisory session to determine aid eligibility and assessment of the student’s college readiness. For upcoming dates of the “Complete Guide to College Funding” workshop, click here.

Additional Workshops:  Next up in the AMEDF Scholars Methodology™ are a series of workshops on the specifics of career selection, college choices, college aid and college financial planning taught by seasoned instructors and professional advisers. In select chapter areas, additional workshops are fully subsidized and free of charge to the public. For upcoming workshop dates, please click here

Scholars Methodology™

AMEDF Scholars Methodology™:  Everything You Need to Better Prepare for College

College attrition in the US has reached alarming levels with more than 80% of 9th graders failing to achieve college graduation in a reasonable time-frame. Even less are actually employed in their field of study, with more than one in four recent college graduates working in jobs that do not even require a college degree!

The good news is there are actions you can take while your student is still in high school to dramatically improve the odds of achieving college success. The American Education Foundation has incorporated this into the “AMEDF Scholars Methodology™,” a comprehensive program that provides everything needed to help families better prepare for college.

The AMEDF Scholars Methodology™ incorporates multiple formats including workshops, self-study, internet-based research, and one-on-one advisement to accommodate a wide range of learning style preferences. The methodology aims to improve college readiness through a focus on academic preparation, career preparation, and financial preparation. Families learn how to identify colleges that are uniquely suited to the student’s academic, career, and the family’s financial profile to maximize probability of college success.

All components of the AMEDF Scholars Methodology™ are subsidized from 70% to 100% based on a participant’s income, and provide affordable alternatives to commercial services. Families seeking resources to better prepare for college can enroll in any or all of the methodology components suitable for their needs.

Families interested in enrolling in the components of the AMEDF Scholars Methodology™ should complete an enrollment request. Once your request is received, you will be notified of upcoming program components as well as how to access and download various resource and reference guides used in the Scholars Methodology™.

AMEDF Alliance

One way to improve college preparedness is to increase the number of knowledgeable advisers available to families seeking professional assistance. The AMEDF’s Adviser Certification Program enrolls and trains financial advisers to become college planning specialists. Once certified, specialists are placed as advisers in AMEDF programs to engage families directly to advise them on college preparedness.

The AMEDF, through its Professional Advisor Committee, has developed a training and certification program for financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals that often give advice to parents regarding higher education planning. By educating professionals, this program hopes to minimize the dissemination of erroneous and often harmful information that may contribute to college failure.

This program also trains instructors to teach the AMEDF’s own community education programs, as well as prepare advisers to serve as commercial resources for parents seeking assistance in the complex area of college planning. Participants are required to pass annual testing and continuing education needs, and must adhere to strict professional ethical guidelines in their practices. Qualified advisers are listed on the AMEDF’s website so parents seeking help can easily access information on advisers in their area.

Education Curriculum for the College Advisory Professional and the Certified College Adviser Designation:

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NNJ Instructors

All AMEDF instructors are trained and certified. Please see below for a list of our instructors for Northern New Jersey.

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