Meet the Trustees




Gail Travers

Executive Director

Chairperson, Board of Trustees

Ms. Travers serves as both the Executive Director and the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. Ms. Travers has served as a trustee with the AMEDF since 1998, and is the senior member of the board. Ms. Travers is a graduate of the University at Buffalo, and is a first-generation college graduate. “Being the first person in my family to attend college is very, very special. It is a dream come true, but also an incredible challenge. I made every mistake in the book and was fortunate to have made it through. Parents and students need to understand that college doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of effort, preparation, and research to choose the right college path. My experience in college makes me passionate about the mission of the AMEDF to improve college access and preparation.” Besides her service with the AMEDF, Ms. Travers’ background includes being a Registered Representative of a major broker-dealer, a licensed life underwriter in New York, and a legal administrator. Ms. Travers resides in Amherst, New York.

Min Chan, Esq.


As one of the founding members of American Education Foundation, we are pleased to welcome back Ms. Chan as a trustee after her recent service on the Professional Advisors Committee.  Ms. Chan earned a Juris Doctor from the University at Buffalo School of Law.  An immigrant to the U.S. herself, Ms. Chan is a member of the  American Immigration Lawyers Association.  She has been a lecturer at the Tsinghua University School of Law in Beijing, China and is a co-author of Roaming the Virtual Law Library .  Ms. Chan is currently the Director of Business Development at East View Information Services. Ms. Chan makes her home in Forest Hills, NY.

Steven I. Yeh


Chair, Professional Advisers Committee

AMEDF Program Administrator

Mr. Yeh is the contracted program administrator responsible for the program development and implementation.  Mr. Yeh is also employed as an attorney in private practice. An immigrant to the United States at a young age, Mr. Yeh experienced first-hand the power of education in leveling the playing field. “I grew up in the inner city as an immigrant, and I never dreamed of being in the position in life I enjoy today when my family first came to this country. My siblings and I attribute our success to continual parental involvement, and the relentless pursuit of higher education opportunities. I believe that through parental involvement and focus on higher education, every student can achieve the American dream.” Mr. Yeh received his Juris Doctor from the University at Buffalo School of Law, and his Masters of Business Administration from the University at Buffalo School of Business. His home and offices are located in Williamsville and Rochester, New York.

Jeffrey Bloomberg

Professional Advisors Committee

Mr. Bloomberg has been on AMEDF’s Professional Advisors Committee since 2006. A native of Western New York, is a dedicated and enthusiastic educational and nonprofit administrator. He earned a M.Ed., Education Policy Administration / Higher & Adult Education from the University Maryland College Park. Mr. Bloomberg’s extensive background in education includes experience as a student adviser, in university development, and in events management. He has performed donor prospect research, and has written successful grant proposals to secure funding for Maryland’s Alumni Career Advisory Network, a web-based career mentoring program that he founded. He currently resides in Williamsville, NY with his wife and son.

Kristan Paner

Professional Advisors Committee

Ms. Paner joined the Professional Advisors Committee in June of 2009.  She is a native of the Western NY area with a Masters of Education in School Counseling from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She has completed the Human Resources Assistant Certificate Program  through the University’s Millard FIllmore College. Ms. Paner joined the Professional Advisors Commitee because of her strong passion for education and helping others realize the resources available to develop their talents and achieve success. She is currently an HR Assistant with Rich Products Corporation in Buffalo, NY and calls Cheektowaga, NY home.

Gina Pannullo

Professional Advisors Committee

Ms. Pannullo joined AMEDF’s Professional Advisors Committee in January 2009. She is currently a Special Education Teacher at the Gateway Longview Therapeutic Preschool.   Ms. Pannullo is a NYS Certified teacher holding a Masters Degree in the area of Students with Disabilities, specializing in Literacy.  In 2008 Gina earned a second Masters degree from Daemen College in Executive Leadership & Change.

Ms. Pannullo’s passion for lifelong education and personal growth is guided by her values and beliefs. “As a leader, my vision is to think, act, and live within the universe of possibilities. My mission is to continuously develop as a leader and to promote the development of others.  I believe that education is the foundation that we build our lives upon. Education has been and continues to be an ongoing goal of mine.”

Ms. Pannullo is a resident of Lancaster, New York.